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Achieve Great Results

January 24, 2014 in News Tags: ,

We often lament the fact that we do not have enough time to conduct their business while sitting for long periods at a computer. Why is this happening? According to statistics, only 20% of the total time we spend on business in the remaining 80% for different things such as: search for specific information, contact on icq, watch the news, and much like that. And here comes up the question: how to increase your efficiency? In general, it is not difficult if you train yourself to some important rules. 1. Rule 72 hours The first thing I would like to begin this rule to 72 hours.

This rule says that if you're going to do something then do the first step towards this within the first 72 hours. But if you do not, then you will only have a 1 chance out of 99 is not in your favor that you will ever fulfill his intention. 2. Plan your actions very important point is to plan their actions. If you are not awake to perform this, you will never can achieve their goals. I will explain my point of view.

For example: You want to make a few important things, but do not develop a plan, and you think it you just do not need since you all remember and easy to do everything. But how just sit down at work, then immediately all thoughts are mixed and do not know where to start. So I want to give you one piece of advice: Plan your actions and write them down on paper. And once you learn it, you immediately feel the result that will delight you. 3. Work at 110% The third rule is that you need not work at 100% and 110% of. Naturally that is not always you will come off but the only way you can achieve the best results. That's all. As you can see that performing these three rules you can greatly increase your efficiency, and achieve great results. Good luck!

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