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Youth Bags & Accessories

August 23, 2018 in News Tags:

Amazing handbags Kathleen Dustin. Genre youth bags and accessories for women gives a designer or fashion designer unprecedented freedom for creativity and expression. Especially when it comes to copyright design projects, such as a collection of handbags and purses American Kathleen Dustin. This artist creates his little evening bags and purses out of polymer clay – it is the only material that can turn all her artistic imagination. Bags this clay decorated with murals, carvings and appliques. Although the available bags prizvedeniya Kathleen can not be named – the cost of its products may be from 200 to 1000 dollars. These understandable – her stuff can be considered works of art many of which are exhibited in museums and gallery of contemporary art in the United States. Favorite topics of creativity Kathleen – it's bags and purses made in the form of flowers and unprecedented tropical plants, clutch in the form of cobblestones, painted manually with fragments of paintings of the Renaissance Freitag – quality youth bags from Switzerland.

Another great brand bags and bags of youth with a strap over his shoulder. It was founded by two brothers, a designer from Zurich in 1993. When you walk in Zurich, it seems that every third walking with a bag of Freitag. They are made from old automobile awnings, bicycle tires, processed the edge, and belts are used as b / u belts from cars. Each bag has its Freitag a unique color combination and is actually manually. Price matches the quality, the average bag costs about 300 euros, but every thing is made with such quality that its just a pleasure to hold in your hands! Buy a bag can be in many countries around the world. The site Freitag can use a custom designer and book bag with a unique design! HOIMING – youth of experimental designers handbags.

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