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Commercial Operation

August 21, 2018 in News Tags: , , , , ,

Constantly it observed the danger to fall and to die destroyed. Part of the punishment was that in that place they continued giving all the manjares to him to which was customary. Perhaps it could enjoy them knowing that its life was in constant danger? Surely that it had preferred to only feed with bread and water, before to see the death in front of its eyes in continuous form. It is what happens – concludes the Jafez Jaim- with those people who run behind the luxuries and pleasures of the life. It is probable that by a bad commercial operation they fall in the poverty.

The suffering will be frightful, because they got used to living with many comforts and luxury. The money exerts a great influence exceeds what we are, often we tend to assign value regarding each thing that we do, a very well-known saying Time is Money, the time is money, thus, would seem that everything has price or material value. We draw up goals and when we arrived at these, we want more and more and more With the present world-wide crisis, many executives that had excellent investments in values as much as properties was affected by the global situation, felt like insurances, diversified its entrances, which fell suddenly, companies in bankruptcy, properties with mortgage whose amounts today are not real since you can less than acquire it by half of its initial price. It was had, almost the certainty that was owner of the world and the world (financier) leaning in this way crawling to many people whose lives turned upside down almost exclusively in the material, leaving for more ahead the familiar life. Accustomed a level of expenses and consumption that hardly will be able to fall, since they went accustoming to a train of expenses in constant increase.

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