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August 26, 2016 in News Tags:

Drilling for water in various suburbs in depth for the different districts of Moscow region, ranging from 20 to 320 meters. We will not describe the technology of drilling wells in the limestone and handle technical terms, as do many companies to drill wells, since by and large it is unnecessary and usually the customer is not very interesting. Ego is interested primarily in performance, reliability, assurance and cost of drilling. Artesian wells have a number of differences compared with wells in the sand. The main advantages of such wells: the life of the well – artesian well serves you from 50 years (well in the sand only 5-7 years), and drilling takes 5-7 days, depending on depth. The wells in the limestone are ten times better performance in front of sand, then you have enough water even for a cottage, and about a private home there is nothing even speak. These wells have never silt and water quality, even without pre-treatment is enough for drinking.

Truth in the water extracted from artesian wells, there is an increased iron content, but in such cases, the problem is completely eliminated using filters on water. During the drilling of wells under water the price depends not only on the diameter of the pipe and the pipe material, as well as on how many pipes used in drilling. For example, for water well drilling cost of wells by using a casing pipe and a diameter of 133 mm, will be about 1800 rubles per meter, and the well casing with two pipes (metal + plastic) with the same diameter pipe will already be 2100 rubles per meter.

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