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Labour Party

August 31, 2016 in News Tags: , , ,

To start this change ensure easy to meet goals. Here are some exercises that can be done to achieve a shift towards human quality:-punctual all week to reach the Office, does not mean 10 or 15 minutes after the time of income but be job ready to begin the day at the set time. It is important that all direct or Manager of the company have morality to be able to ask for punctuality and discipline its officials, meet standards and schedules first will give much more strength and validity to your request. -Respect the agenda meetings scheduled for the week temaria, properly documented prior to their income and do not touch others topics while not finishing off the scheduled; and above all respect the time of others. Do not schedule more meetings than can reach punctual and prepared for if not failing or arriving late to any. -Keep your appearance, neatness is not necessary wear suit and tie to maintain a good presentation in every moment. -Do not take hasty decisions without analyzing at least 2 alternatives or in-depth analysis of the causes of the problem.

Converse with their officials, have active listening, not recrimine before knowing thoroughly the reasons for each situation. -Do not leave any activity to half-finished, even if you realize that is not the best alternative track until you close or close. Do not allow that there is uncertainty about the activities undertaken. -Practice meet all standards set even if it means 1 minute work, forget that you are the boss and follow established steps, you will learn what it means that everyone can realize the activities correctly. Order your desk before work and at the end of the day, the first Conference will perhaps take more than 20 minutes, but with time it lasted not more than 5 minutes. Try to have whatever used that day according to your schedule you will need. The order and cleanliness is essence in the achievement of quality, which includes at the same time a good image.

Quality not only is made, also should seem that you do it. See the 5S method, convert it into a lifestyle. These changes affect not only the Labour Party, when it becomes a way of life also affects positive its family atmosphere. It is important that each steering must be clear that quality each should be required it before you ask others, put it will be evaluated and perceived by the staff on the basis of which the show as quality. In turn, so that any management system not only improves the external image of the company by the certifications you can get, but that bring positive results, start by changing the human quality of those who apply this management system, this last will be reflection of what senior management and officials are.

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