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August 25, 2016 in News Tags: , ,

Waiting for the final arrival of the good time to kick off holidays and excursions, it is important that our car is in perfect condition. To do this we need to review all the elements of our car, including the wheels. Not only taking into account that we will be able to travel, but also because the State well of tires is essential to safe driving. If you’ve chosen the month of March to change your wheels in Renault services, you can go free with a new promotion that stands out in addition to the prize itself, by its simplicity in mechanics. The operation is as follows: when you go to the shop to change the wheels, you will receive at the time of the invoice to pay a coupon with a secret code. You must send this code with an sms, and instantly receive a reply message that will inform you if you are the winner of the prize: the total amount of the invoice up to 299. So before leaving the workshop already you will know if the amount you saved. The speed of the result must add the simplicity of mechanics, because that is done with the mobile phone, without having to go to the web to download coupons and print them, or scan invoices, as in other Renault services promotions..

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