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Screen Printer Business

January 31, 2014 in News Tags:

There are restrictions on the design and layout, the digital machine is not obtained solid die casting and large areas of uniform color. Just digital machines do not allow you to print spot colors (Eg Pantone) and white paint, which is necessary when printing on non-ferrous materials. And of course the color saturation in digital printing can not be compared with the offset and silkscreen printing. Also important is the image composes, business cards printed digitally using a standard and cheap product, and a lot of product, a digital business card is difficult to surprise or interest to a business partner. Offset printing has a much a wider range of creativity, allows the use of spot color printing additional colors. Including the whitewash and paint and fillers, allows the use of varnishes. It is also possible to print and on various textured paper and cardboard, including the papers with the spray.

Offset ink have a very high saturation, and allow you to play a wider range of hues. The minus offset printing should include dates print production and high costs for not large print runs. This is due to more labor-intensive production, the need for making molds for press makeready and printing machine for each drawing. When manufacture of 2.1 sets of business cards using offset printing method is economically inexpedient. Screen printing allows to produce the highest quality business cards, used in the production of business cards virtually any material, designer paper and cardboard, with no limit on the density of the materials, textured paper, coated and vorsitymi surfaces, plastics, and even fabric or metal! In this case, no restrictions the number of spot colors and varnishes, as one business card you can print and color Pantone, and gold and silver, to carry out a selective coating, etc. In this case, the cost of business cards printed silk screening method remains acceptable for small print runs, and for large volumes of cost per unit is reduced, as in offset printing. The result is always fascinating, colors brighter, more saturated, the density of coverage is very high, picking up a card, once you feel that you keep the highest quality product, such a pleasure to hold business cards in their hands. It is no coincidence Screen Printer business cards today it is claimed, because this card is beautiful, evidence about the taste and attention to detail, and tactilely pleasing!

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