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Choose Toys

January 30, 2014 in News

There are millions of possibilities when selecting toy to give to our children. It is important, in this age, opt for products that promote interaction and foster their development. Say the experts, that the best way to learn in childhood is playing. Luckily within such offer we can find games that meet this need. The first point of departure is focusing on age and from there check boxes of products if they correspond to the level of understanding of children. In addition to these data, in the container we can find that skills developed to interact with the game, which is an important indication. Investigating within the possibilities offered to us by the toy store, we have selected some products that may be of interest, such as:-puzzle: allow children to concentrate and set a target at the same time enjoyed with his parents to assemble them on computer.

It is a game that spans several ages, since they have different degrees of complexity in quantity parts, drawings and shapes of recess. Come in thousands of reasons, with photos, drawings, scenes from movies or characters from Disney. They are economical and can collect. -Children’s slates: ideal for those children who are initiated in writing or drawing. They are sold in different sizes and have a lectern where rests the slate and is complemented by color and Eraser chalks. -Coloring with colored pencils and pinturitas books.

A gift is essential to foster artistic activity and creativity of infants. -Sneakers with wheels: today it is very difficult to insert children in recreational activities. These shoes with wheels become an excuse to stroll in family and enjoy the solcito in a nearby plaza. -Rotary kaleidoscopes: stimulate the imagination, through different shapes and colors that form when turning. A lovely and funny gift for all ages. -Housing construction in wood: is a kit that contains wood parts and tools to assemble them and form different shapes and objects. They encourage imagination and the skill of the smallest. We must take into account, when you buy a toy, the contribution we can make to our children if we choose appropriately and responsibly.

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