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Procurement Purchase

February 14, 2018 in News Tags:

It is best to put this institution in the elite part of town where people live in high-income, and who will be visiting your institution in the future. Next question – is the search for suitable premises, its purchase or rent. For our country is characterized by lack of facilities, suitable for placing the restaurant. In addition, experts advise to purchase the premises a restaurant, rather than rent it. When buying a space to enter into law Actually, this procedure may take about a month. And when renting – to conclude the lease premises. With regard to rental of premises: preferable to contract for a longer period. It is a guarantee of your calm and normal business development.

When entering into any real estate transaction – buying or renting premises to start their own business restorann6ogo need to invite a lawyer to authenticate and legality of all documents, as well as inclusion in the contract most favorable to you. Another date for a future restaurateur question is, how much money will need to open a restaurant business. Let's count together: Rental or purchase of premises Payment for the realtor and lawyer Repair Installation of equipment and its acquisition Obtaining permits Recruitment Procurement required products and components of the restaurant business (crockery, cutlery, etc.). This is the minimum program, which will be the program maximum – depends on your desires and level of facilities to open. If the lease and purchase of premises is more or less sorted out, repair – the work of specialists, equipment and its installation – also, here is the decision required and necessary questions, such as interior design, development menu, the equipment working space for staff rooms and toilets for visitors, the situation is serious.

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