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Problems Woodworking Industry

February 15, 2018 in News Tags:

In recent years, especially the timber industry is developing rapidly, it plays a vital role in our economy. Wood industry launches thousands of different names of the goods, without which the life of modern man simply would not be possible. Due to the global and the magnitude of the industry question the effectiveness is particularly acute, because the competition in the global market becomes every daily more acute, since closing its eyes on the efficiency of production today means a loss of strategic markets for tomorrow. Need to constantly introduce new developments in production woodworking equipment, introduce energy saving system, to attract businesses to qualified professionals. Particularly acute problem with the staff, they decide everything, because even the most modern equipment that allows to achieve high productivity, will not work effectively when its improper use, and then completely fail. Currently, the main source of Delivery of personnel at the company are vocational schools, however, as international practice shows, is attracting more highly-paid professionals with higher education, they are able to raise qualitative indicators of labor productivity is constant, making the necessary suggestions and changes to the process..

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