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European Union

March 12, 2014 in News Tags:

A person can remain more than 90 days in Italy only if: 1 – a passport or an equivalent document has; 2 – a visa has (when it is required); 3 – it has entered traverse one of the established passages of borders regularly; 4 – you have a permanence permission (permission of soggiorno) or the permanence card (Letter of soggiorno). These two documents verify that the permanence in Italy is in rule and are sent by the corresponding Italian authorities, that is to say, a permission of permanence or an equivalent title sent by the corresponding authority a State of the European Union. IMPORTANT: Generally, always it is necessary to be able to demonstrate three things with documents in rule: 1) which are the objectives and the conditions of the permanence; 2) which are the subsistence means; 3) that such means are sufficient for the duration of the permanence and the return to the origin country. Article gentility of: – Procedure and acquisition of European citizenships. Original author and source of the article

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