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The Federal Association CarSharing

March 12, 2014 in News Tags: ,

German CarSharing Association again performs city comparison of German CarSharing Association (bcs) has therefore a comparison of car-sharing deals carried out again, because many new offerings in the big cities have been added. Cities with a population over 200,000 were taken into account in this. The scale of the competition is the offer of CarSharing vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants. Up and down the CarSharing city comparison Karlsruhe has as its leading position confirmed impressively in the previous year. 1.93 CarSharing cars per 1,000 inhabitants the inhabitants of Baden metropolis offers a much denser CarSharing can access as those in the following cities. 5 Show the top behind Karlsruhe Stuttgart (1.38), Cologne (1.17), Dusseldorf (1.00) and Munich (0.87). Stuttgart and Cologne are the movers of the past 12 months. In these two cities new independent station offers installed offer oriented with large numbers of vehicles.

Relegated in the Ranking are the cities of Dusseldorf, Munich and Berlin, where offers although not exploited, but the growth was comparatively less. The complete chart of all cities is available at: press/press releases/carsharing – city comparison – karlsruhe continue carsharing – capital of CarSharing service in Germany the increase in new entrants growing takes place mainly in the major cities of over 200,000 inhabitants, who already have a sharing range. New providers appear here, in the largest metropolitan areas are increasingly the independent station offers. Also first new towns and villages can be reached with a first small car-sharing offer. In the last 12 months, this was the case, for example, in the cities of Krefeld, Moers or Bottrop. Willi Loose: At the beginning of the year 2013 we counted 343 cities and towns with a range of car sharing. In the course of the year 20 more towns and communities with a new offer have been added.” The Federal Association CarSharing (bcs) represents the political interests of the industry at the national level and to the countries. The tasks of the bcs are the competent and timely transmission of information, promote communication within the industry, the care and further development of offers of the car sharing service and practical support for the work of the sharing provider. Currently 112 providers are organized in the Federation.

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