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Fourth Colony

March 13, 2014 in News Tags:

Currently, the Net of the House possesss thirteen partners, having three desistances in function of problematic organizacionais that had been occurring during the process of formation of the net, being the varied reasons: lack of reciprocity, individualism, lack of legal capacity in the administration of the enterprise ahead of the placed challenges. Excessively, however they commercialize its products in such a way in the cities of the Fourth Colony, how much in other cities as Saint Maria, where a significant consuming public of the typical products of the region exists. It can be considered that the Net of the House is a organizacional structure constructed socially before the sensible necessity of its members and other agents of development, as the CONDESUS, which glimpses for region a tourist development, alicerado in the consolidation of ' ' marca' ' Fourth Colony. For Silveira et al., (2008), the use of this mark, registered for the CONDESUS, is allowed the producers that if find inside of the perimeter of the Fourth Colony, and not necessarily refers it any regramento of the quality of this product, therefore a social validation systematization of or legal statute does not work with. In this context, any AFR of the region can make use of this mark thus, becoming, simply, a certificate of origin of the product that does not attribute to no type of especificidade or attribute of quality.

Differently, the mark Net of the House represents a qualification luggage, reflecting a more qualified product, which can only be used by integrant of the Net of the House. The products commercialized for the agroindstrias of the Net of the House receive a stamp (figure 01), certifing that they load I obtain all I appeal it cultural brought for the Fourth Colony. With the objective to offer to the consuming product of good quality and with origin, even so many without legal validation.

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