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ACI Dubai Capital

March 5, 2014 in News Tags: ,

ACI Dubai funds: ACI alternative capital invest sentenced brochure error ACI alternative capital invest Group (Gutersloh, Dubai) since the year 2004 a total seven real estate fund with a total investment volume of more than EUR 600 million initiated, in which more than 8,000 investors as shareholders have participated. Investors involved in various real estate projects in Dubai. The first in April 2005 by this initiator of completely placed funds it is Dubai Lake Tower KG with an equity capital of more than 10 million euros and a total investment volume of over 60 million, which had invested in the real estate project “Dubai Star” in the Jumeirah Lakes to the alternative capital invest GmbH & co.. After this project is complete could be sold for a mid-2005 the Fund was dissolved in 2007. It was followed by other investments. However, four had already apply seven real estate fund insolvency.

Investors went out with blank lack of assets. In its recent decision ruled the District Court Dortmund in favor of an investor of the VI. ACI Dubai funds. The Court found the prospectus of the Fund for failed. Therefore the executives and the trustee DMI administrative and investment company must compensate now mbH accusing investors according to the principles of civil liability for the prospectus. In addition, currently determined prosecutors in Bielefeld against analysts and accuses them of infidelity in 109 cases. The outcome of the investigation remains to be seen. Affected investors ACI Dubai funds should contact a lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law promptly in view of this situation. Due to current limitation, the investors should be legally evaluate their case.

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