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June 27, 2012 in News Tags:

With the considered one, it is intended to fill a gap how much to the interpretation of the dynamics of the productive structure of the state of Par, characterizing the enterprise spaces of attractiveness and agglomerations (number of establishments) that they configure the social relations of production in municipal level, composing a disaggregation for economic subatividades and of occupations. These information are disponibilizadas according to supply (number of jobs) and the movement of employed man power (admissions and disconnections), for sort, etria band, degree of instruction, average income and bands of incomes in minimum wages in each economic activity. Other advantages of the data base of the administrative registers of the Ministry of the Work and Job, this in to offer an enormous amount of available information in long secular series, brought up to date even for the data of the formal job and establishments, both are presented mensurados for the changeable amount (unit), distributed between the 143 cities of the state of Par for economic activities. The changeable remuneration is presented quantitatively measured for the total of the value of the income of each present economic activity in the cities of the state of Par. The set of the 0 variable: Formal job, Remuneration and Number of Establishment are organized in agreement proposal of the CNAE.A methodology of the CNAE classify a total of 614 classrooms with codification the 5 digits of identification, where each classroom corresponds to a economic activity revised by the Ministry of the Work and Job, that can be consolidated by economic sectors. The crossing of the data base of the RAIS still allows to identify the number of jobs for size of establishment, according to sector of economic activity; average remuneration of the jobs in 31 of December, according to occupation and sector of economic activity for geographic level. In accordance with the definition of the area of study selected in this project, the source of the data that will be used in the research I supplied the requirement of the espacialidade, in the scale of municipal disaggregation in occupational, geographic level and sectorial, consisting in one of the used data bases more for it analyzes of the market of trabalho.5.3.2 Limitations of the selected data As any source of data, the RAIS also in function of its form of register of information presents some restrictions that the treatment and analysis of the metodolgicos instruments must be considered for.

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