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Albania Maler

July 13, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Ibrahim Kodra Gjelosh Gjorkaj Dalip Karn Ibrahim Kodra, the founder of the painting of the modern in Albania, exhibited with Picasso and other figures of his time in Europe, Gjelosh POOJA is a member of the international art scene in Europe in his generation as well as Dalip Karn today. These three outstanding artists from three different generations appear together in the art club Leonberg. The works of the late 2006 artist Ibrahim Kodra show the unmistakable language of cubism. The exhibits come from the early 1970s and loans from private collectors. In addition to lithographs are also originals on paper and canvas.

The time in Rome and Milan-based artist Gjelosh Gjorkaj, shows abstract, figurative images on canvas, which indicate the language of cubism, but over the decades were developed, to a personal, distinctive handwriting. The head motif”runs like a thread through Dalip Kryezius works. In the Art Club are impressive exhibits from the “younger creative period of the artist to see, mostly large-format images the exciting the subject head” vary. The exhibition in Leonberg, Germany, which is still up to May 30, 2010, shows in the related element in the work of the three artists and the difference in their view of figure and abstraction.

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