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Small Wind Power Generators

July 10, 2016 in News Tags: ,

“Revolution-AIR” comes in motion: the new small wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck and produced by PRAMAC. February 01 – 2010 – “Revolution-AIR” comes in motion: the new small wind turbines designed by Philippe Starck and produced by PRAMAC. We are happy to announce, that we could present in Milan PRAMAC revolution AIR, the small wind turbines newly designed by Philippe Starck, on January 27, 2010, two possible variations are the result of the study by Philippe Starck, one of the best-known designers in the international comparison. PRAMAC S.p.. A., has with your development team and Philippe Starck these innovative small wind turbines serienreif in further developed. The PRAMAC Development Department has focused on research, testing and perfecting of PRAMAC products. February 01 – 2010 consist of our currently available small wind power plants, our small wind power generators two variants with different design.

The model with 400W (designation WT400) has a square shape with 2 rotors. The series 1000W (WT1000) has a spindle shape with three curved rotors. The generators are very efficient, quiet and suitable for urban residential areas. The PRAMAC wind generators are different from the traditional horizontal wind turbines by the independence to the wind direction. You can implement according to energy even turbulent air currents and are extremely quiet due to its applied technology and appealing design. Revolution AIR can be installed not only on building, its lineup is a boat, urban construction equipment, agriculture and many other applications possible in the garden.

Small wind power plants below 10 m overall height can be created free approval according to federal requirements. It must be consulted only the relevant construction authority in accordance with local building codes and appropriately taken into account. Can be requested like the datasheet revolution AIR with us by e-Mail at.

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