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Recycling Process

April 27, 2018 in News Tags:

The work of the press shear in the recycling process a decisive step in the recycling process is the moment in which scrap is transported to the steel industry culminating with the process and be converted back into raw materials that will be used in future production processes, thus preventing excess consumption in terms of virgin materials refers. So this scrap can be efficiently transferred to facilities of foundries, a machine known as press shear plays a major role. Miguel Fernandez, responsible for the importers junkyard located in El Puig (Valencia) Jose Jareno S.A., explains that machinery is in charge of collecting scrap of less quality and more loose which usually has much more volume weight, transforming it to reduce its volume and that this involves a greater weight. So that you can more easily carry scrap and optimize the loading of trucks. The process, according to detailed Fernandez, consists of two simple steps: enter the scrap with greater volume and previously rated, according to the customer’s needs and also according to the characteristics of the material itself, in the reservoir of the press shear with the help of a crane called Octopus, where is pulled and chopped, obtaining much smaller than initially deposited pieces scrap metal shavings. With heavy scrap you completarias not a truck load, instead with scrap metal already pressed that you can maximize the space available for your transportation. This material may already be cast, where it goes directly to the furnaces, melts and generated new materials which can again be used as raw materials, says Fernandez. Source: Press release sent by Alice..

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