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Pallets Plastic Advantages

November 5, 2013 in News Tags:

In our days, the transport companies are using different materials for shipping goods. In Chile, most of the goods are transported by truck, using the inter-regional massive system that has the country. These goods are normally transported in pallets, since this contributes to make easy and simple the process of loading and unloading. However, transport companies are now using pallets made of different materials. While it is common to see wooden pallets, plastic pallets are becoming popular gradually. The main reason for this is that wood is required to make the wooden pallets. Many of the timber companies are not using sustainable methods to cut trees and as a result this has led to massive deforestation, with an adverse effect on the environment.

Similarly, the demand for wood is higher than the rate it can be satisfied. That is why the price of wood is rising. All these factors have had impact on the transport industry and have motivated this is aimed toward the plastic pallets. There are some advantages of using the plastic pallets. To cite one, these pallets do not retain the smell of goods which have been transported, something that happens Yes with the wooden pallets.

Therefore, the plastic pallets are perfect for transporting foodstuffs and aromatic. These pallets are also easier to maintain, since they can be cleaned without fear that they rot. The time of life of these pallets is much greater than the pallets of wood. In the event that the plastic pallet is broken, it can be recycled easily. In addition, plastic pallets can be equipped with RFID chips and this can facilitate their tracking and traceability in the inventories. All the company needs to do is to scan the chips. On the other hand, the plastic pallets are very presentable so that a business can immediately transfer pallets to the room of display, avoiding the need to maintain an inventory. These are some of the advantages of using plastic pallets. If your business is not using even these modern pallet, then you are, definitely losing money.

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