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Mobile Contract

December 29, 2017 in News Tags:

Rather the credits previously pay, rather than get into the mobile debt trap. Again and above all young people in the mobile debt fall. They live beyond their means and quickly lose the overview of the mobile costs. Within a very short time a mountain schools can accumulate, just the mobile phone contract is mentioned repeatedly in such cases. The debt can be prevented by a prepaid card. With a prepaid card, it is possible to keep track.

With a prepaid card, the credit balance is paid in advance, as a result, no bills or obligations incurred monthly. The prepaid cards offer a full cost control. On the phone can only be, if balances available. Benefits of a prepaid provider: there is a price per minute around the clock. There are no monthly charges or obligations.

It only costs a phone call or sending an SMS. Credits must be loaded when needed. The credits can be very simply manually or automatically download. The top-up cards are nationwide in the Trade at the discount stores and gas stations available. The automatic function, can be set up to wish and set. The automatic function, the balances at a certain amount can be download. The amount is determined by the customer. The two functions are available with a prepaid card available and offer full cost control. Also the phone with a prepaid card is always cheaper, our recommendation is the prepaid HelloMobil, provider has been awarded several times and offers a unit price of just 8 cents / min and for sending an SMS. At HelloMobil, there are additional packages that can be booked on request. An overview of prepaid provider and prepaid cards there on. The portal presents information and price comparisons.

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