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GEHE Mechanic

December 26, 2017 in News Tags:

Student to the auto mechanic successfully passed examination and signed contracts before 24 months started a retraining to the auto mechanic in the ABW GmbH in Angermunde. Two participants the challenge of professional reorientation and began their training in August 2008. During the training, participants gained all knowledge and crafts, a well trained auto mechanic currently required on the labour market. In addition to the inspection, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, also dealing with electronic engine management testers and new fault diagnosis technology played an important role. Two work placements were part of retraining. Both GEHE have can achieve despite the shortened training time of 2 years good theoretical and practical examination results at the journeyman’s examination in June. But in the heat, no recovery, remains because the employment contracts are signed and both participants are shortly after their final exam back in working life. This year we start from August 23, 2010 a new retraining to the auto mechanic, to build on the successes. Information for at Janina Rosentreter under the telephone number: 03331 29697912 Angermunde, 15.07.2010 Kerstin Baron

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