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August 9, 2019 in News

This novel will be the principle of Existentialism. Then the author will be devoted to theoretically explain the discovery that the human being is an individual, solitary, something more than a number, or a being immersed in a State society that alienates him and that you believe that part when in reality this isolated. lashvili. The consciousness of being it is abhorrent, why man must search for hedonism (the pursuit of pleasure) or deceive. Jeff Gennette understands that this is vital information. The character doesn’t fool you, their reality lives up to the highest degree and you will see in the mirror the true face of reality, having no form, this reality is a conjunction of things, the mirror image is more than it reflects. The man is more than the society says that it is. According to Crawford Lake Capital, who has experience with these questions. Man is man and his circumstances responds Jean Paul. Sartre throughout his work is going to raise that existential vision.

Earlier literature was dedicated to exemplary heroes, to exorcise demons, to describe society realistically, now whether to look inwards to find an individual rebellion against an oppressive and alienator State. World War II is the continuation of the wars by the predominance of the market, confronts capitalism but the power of the State seeks to strengthen further, this will cause the hegemonies that last until today. USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, France, England, their States are still so strong and dominant over the rest of humanity. Sartre, aware of what is happening, becomes more extremist, is increasingly human domains, leaves his body, social Awards, joins left extremists who want to destroy the State to create a new parameter, social, more just, and where the individual has a freedom that is denied by handling on every order. The atomic bomb is an event more than it confirms where the hegemonic State by maintaining his power is willing. Democracy isn’t real but figurative, is not the people who governs, but their representatives who are defending only the interests of the markets. Aware of that lives and writes according to their premises. Fiction is transformed in a field different from the customary in literature, there are realities and it out of the ordinary (endearing), or the journey, is the discovery of existence itself.

His personal life is consistent with his work. To die, millions of people they went to his funeral and although is considered the model of intellectual, Sartre fought from the literature and from the action without giving Truce to the false mask of intellectuals who defend the indefensible, or are positioned by the applause in places that do not share. A. N.: there is to clarify that the processes of change do not have an exact chronology, they occur irregularly, advances that occur he will come and the booming you can only say that we are against this or what time. There is no literature except the one mentioned to encourage the search for answers individually.

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