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Company Headquarters

March 5, 2016 in News Tags: ,

RANDOM logistics group 34 new trainees and two year interns welcome with a joint kick-off event is called the Gottinger headquarters welcomed the chance of logistics group yesterday their new trainees. 34 future merchants for freight forwarding and logistics services, specialists in warehouse logistics and specialists could get a comprehensive picture at the headquarters of the company from its training operation. Learn their apprenticeships at the locations in Gottingen, Kassel, Eschwege, Fulda, Nohra, Kandel and Haiger. At the start, getting to know was on the agenda: apprentices of older vintages presented logistics group and the philosophy of the medium-sized forwarding and logistics service provider the chance your new ladies and gentlemen here, led them through the company’s headquarters and organized the photo shoot. 31 young people have successfully completed their training in this year. Of them, 25 of the random logistics group were taken over. The training of young professionals is a integral part of the corporate philosophy of random logistics group.

With an own team of trainers and various internal training and continuing education, the medium-sized enterprises contributes to the personal and professional development of its young employees and employees. A focus on the trainees from the first day to internalize. More information at. about the COINCIDENCE of logistics group under the umbrella of random logistics group are the Friedrich random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, Axthelm + random GmbH & co. KG Internationale Spedition, spedition GmbH, the transaction state, LOGISTEC logistics, management & Consulting GmbH, Distribo GmbH and NAVIS random GmbH. As a logistics provider who is random logistics group at 11 locations with over 1,500 employees including 113 trainees in the regions of Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate active. In Germany and Europe, which is random of logistics group partner in various transport networks such as System Alliance, System Alliance Europe, SystemPlus and night Star Express.

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