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August 24, 2016 in News Tags:

For many people, the word training has the connotation of memorista or mechanical learning, but in this investigation it is used to allude to an approach systematically planned to increase the use of assertive conducts when communicating. According to Rimm D. and Masters, J. (2005). The assertive training is one of the methods of descondicionamiento of habits of inadaptativas answer of anxiety, that present/display like answer in the interpersonal relations some people. Sandal all therapeutic, tending procedure to increase the capacity to express in direct and honest form feelings and opinions without anxiety answer.

It is based on the principle of reciprocal inhibition: If in the presence of anxiety stimuli evocative, it can secure an antagonistic answer that it suppresses total partially or anxiety answer, then will be debilitated the bonds of union between stimuli and the answers of anguish . (Wolpe, 1958), which causes that this author assumes the following interpretation of the assertive conduct: Assertiveness and Anxiety are compatible in a considerable degree, since it considers that the assertive answer is very similar to deep the muscular relaxation, in whatever to its capacity to inhibit the anxiety reciprocally. The assertiveness increases, benefits the person in two significant forms. First of all, it is considered that to tolerate more assertive way soothes, will produce a greater feeling of well-being. Secondly, it is admitted that when behaving of more assertive way the person will be more able to obtain significant social rewards, obtaining without greater satisfaction of the life, of directed there to increase all the impulses that take to the provocation of the inhibited answers, awaiting which with each provocation it will have, reciprocally, an inhibition of the anxiety answer, which will give like result some degree of weakening of habit of the anxiety answer. Some authors show to certain coincidences when defining assertive training which are mentioned among others the following: Salter (in Bartholomew and another 1949), it is the first important work in which the meaning of the conduct stands out assertive type.

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