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And if you also will ensure that all are firmly adhered to the rules, they will soon come to an acceptance of and respect for others' ideas on an equal basis with their own. Ensure the proper pace and the onslaught of "brainstorming" – ask questions and make their own proposals put forward new options. […]

May 23, 2014 in News
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Sales Profession

How to make your time management sales professional objective of this seminar is to learn ways and instruments, to make the own sales work and the self organization in the professional life more efficient and structured. You will learn as part of this training, how the time thieves and fodder in a timely manner can […]

May 18, 2014 in News
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Managing Director

“Energy capital invest meets with the MC Mullen 1 equal to multiple layers of support and larger quantities of oil and natural gas than expected interest by US energy companies after previously several gas-bearing strata were pierced, was at a depth of around 15,000 feet: the breakthrough to the Eagle Ford shale”, probably one of […]

May 10, 2014 in News
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