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May 23, 2014 in News Tags: , ,

And if you also will ensure that all are firmly adhered to the rules, they will soon come to an acceptance of and respect for others' ideas on an equal basis with their own. Ensure the proper pace and the onslaught of "brainstorming" – ask questions and make their own proposals put forward new options. Let children's imagination climb farther and farther away – they usually just love the excitement intellektov.Deti race out of the brainstorming Update: with the increased self-esteem and strengthened the belief in their abilities. But that is exactly what is needed for the development of the creative person, it still brought up to pull intellectual risk! Children – not adults, so during the "brainstorming" you should show some caution: at the slightest hint of fatigue quietly "Round", unnoticed by all its parent art. Try as surely catch the moment when children are overly excited, and interrupt the game until they have exhausted the resources of his imagination, and finally beat off the hands. If you are do it right, at the end of the game children will feel just at the seventh heaven, and you realize that stay-parent howcast not so ploho. that you have a child there is no company. Well, Use free time for other intellectual games – not that hard, but just as enjoyable as "brainstorming." To do this, you can attract to your arsenal of fashion parental education system – .

Its essence is the use of hidden, reserve capacity of human intelligence. Following her method, the child must first relax and not think about nothing, remaining nevertheless ready for further action. And then, with you, he will start thinking about different objects and phenomena, their relationships and interactions. For example, try lying down with your child somewhere on a beach or, at worst, on the couch toss him casually a few leading questions, of course, from the area in which you yourself knowledgeable. Meditate with it, give free flow of thoughts, let go with the flow of ideas and develop almost Whatever your desire, and you suddenly unexpectedly can invent a new language for all people, kind of furniture, which has not yet been, or open an original way to travel on the lunar surface. Perhaps the rise of fantasy in interplanetary space will force you to do one more thing, his own discovery: adult vainly think that they know better than children because they are adults. Often children's ideas more interesting than the ideas of adults. Probably, our the world would be much better if we could finally listen to the views of children and, borrowing the guys shred of their innocent and utterly sincere curiosity, often turned to him with questions.

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