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November 17, 2023 in News Tags: , , , ,

Notes for the Triumph By Raul Knoll group The title of this article is motivated by a conversation maintained with a friendly group that took the work or the annoyance, so to speak, to call to me and to arrange an appointment in my house to debate with me the book that I have published titleholder recently Step by step your way is Safe to the Success. I mean to them that I do not meet many who has that experience. First it surprised not to wait for it to me and secondly with much joy I decided to stop doing everything what had to make that day to wait for the interested ones in my work. Keith Yamashita has firm opinions on the matter. If they were interested it was product of which she had touched in something the writing to them by me in that book. I do not want or it is not my intention to speak here on the maintained discussion that day but to take some points that, idea were those that motivated more attention.

For the majority of the mortals the triumph is moderate by three fundamental things: 1. Money 2. To be able 3. Love. I do not know if that order is correct for you, but in our meeting we decided that is a quite common order when asking the people Which are the ingredients to reach the Triumph in the life? In summary these three aspects many establish an indissoluble relation among them to reach their goals. I know which owns the knowledge necessary to take to happy term many tasks and nevertheless they pause before the lack of money, or so that they do not know the suitable people help who them in their projects. When to I began to write, the book indicated above, motivated to me to have shortage like many of which today we admired by its triumphs and profits never had money, power or loves.

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