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September 19, 2019 in News Tags: ,

The solution monitors the specified retention periods and prevents the delete and change during the period. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. In the simplest case, can run the server as a classical optical jukebox and thus represents a flexible and affordable alternative. There are different models for each range to the selection. Ranging from the entry-level class TriCSS ECO TriCSS BASIC middle-class model to the individually configurable model TriCSS BUSINESS Rack with external ETERNUS storage. ETERNUS TriCSS comes as a pre-configured appliance, which can be done via network protocols such as NFS, CIFS, or FTP quickly and easily into existing network environments in operation. ETERNUS TriCSS ECO allows the most economical entry into disk-based, tamper-proof data storage 1 TB model ETERNUS TriCSS ECO. With the SoftWORM “functionality and easy integration is the ECO model in particular as a modern and economical alternative suitable obsolete, optical jukeboxes. ETERNUS TriCSS BASIC 2 TB model ETERNUS TriCSS BASIC is the ideal entry into the tamper-proof data storage retention management.

The retention management manages the legal retention periods of the data and may delete the unneeded data after expiration of the retention period or disable it in the system. A special feature represents the certification as a trusted product through the TuViT. This ensures safety and quality at a high level. ETERNUS TriCSS BUSINESS & ETERNUS DX80 3 TB the ETERNUS TriCSS BUSINESS enables the audit-proof storage of large amounts of data. Based on the ETERNUS storage subsystem DX80 scaling the net storage capacity enables the solution in addition to the functionality of SoftWORM and retention management by adding another DX80 subsystems.

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