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The Ego

March 25, 2018 in News Tags: , , , , , , ,

Speaking of the ego can be a topic as complicated as extensive, we will not find the same definition if we seek to do this through Freud, that if we seek to define it through Buddhism or popular appreciation. In order to make it practical, I’ll stick with the simple definition that refers to that I looking for the regulation, control and complacency of desires for itself. In a question-answer forum. The society that we live seems to be very oriented to the satisfaction of the ego; marketing guides us to be happy to meet us constantly to have the power to buy, travel, possess and enjoy material riches as well control others, learn more, earn more, etc this is really so? Read the statistics of happiness in the world and give me tells that the United States is the number 114 with all the power that you have and that Costa Rica is located at number 1 with all its limitations seems surprising. I know that there are a variety of factors that determine those results. One of those which limit our satisfaction and our happiness is that I call a demon named Ego; the one that seems to say all the time that you have to win everything and everyone, you have to be the best always and if you can not surely will receive as a punishment a good dose of suffering, dissatisfaction and frustration.

We don’t account you be defending the ego every time leads us to lose the best of ourselves and the saddest thing is that relative triumph takes us to achieve a generally brief satisfaction, only lasts while there is astonishment by the triumph, then most likely you fade. Detach ourselves from the ego helps us achieve a society happier, healthier, since when we stop trying to beat everyone and all the ideas that we share, we can open ourselves to receive new options, more knowledge; learn from mistakes own and others reinterpreting them as opportunities to be better than ourselves and not necessarily better than others. It helps us to give more to others. Everytime a person reacts to fulfilling the demands of your ego, It places a sort of dark screen before your eyes that is limiting you to see more and more advantages of life. And while the road is darker, less things that life offers us are appreciated. Working to go beyond ego allows us to see more opportunities.

One fundamental to work on tasks is to go beyond our arrogance, that desire to be superior to others, that vanity and pride that leads us to lose us the profound and valuable for, accordingly, leave us lost in the superficiality. The ego is a heavy costume that hides the most valuable us, leads us to react with intolerance, anger, fear and selfishness, generating more darkness that prevents us from enjoying our peace, our peace, our joy and our real satisfaction. It is a matter of great importance to reflect and to work constantly; Watch us continuously to realize when the ego is who us is winning and not the world that surrounds us. The most powerful person is not one who defeats opponents believed to have but that manages to go beyond the demon named Ego allowing is to achieve a more fulfilling life, with better results and better relations. I invite you to reflect it. Reinvent your life.

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