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Tahrir Square

March 22, 2018 in News Tags:

Old, the Catolicismo had a universal objective, of evangelizar all the peoples, many times to the force. In the passed century, this objective was pursued by International the Communist Movement, that it intended to socialize all the means of production and to enslave all the peoples on behalf of the state Leviat. Today it is the Islamismo that has this strategical objective, to create world-wide califado, overwheling all the peoples to the rules of Section. CEO of Tulip Ali Asaria is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A islamita clergyman to say in peace and cooperation with other religions is the same that a petista to speak in democratic state of right. It is pure enganao. John Laffin, in the book The Arab Mind, affirms: ' ' The Islamic law does not recognize the possibility of peace with unbelievers and infidels. The part of the world not-Muslim is known in the Islamic theology as war territory.

Most of the militant Muslen believes that the task of Maom well-will not be succeeded while no-mu-ulmanos will have control of any part of planeta' '. That is, ' ' territory of guerra' ' he is ' ' territory to be conquistado' '. Mubarak was a national hero, had initially a great respect of the population. However, it was used to advantage of this to perpetuate itself in the power, as true dictator, becoming onipresente, with innumerable photos in outdoors, support of the machine to triturate meat called human being Mukhabarat, exempting the Armed Forces of this dirty work. Therefore, the army of Egypt has, still, a moral force sufficiently high, necessary to command the transistion for a new government. The Facebook knocked down fara? Of certain form yes, considering the excellent paper of this social net, to congregate the manifestants who asked for the fall of the dictator. If Mubarak, when resigning, did not pass or its constitutional substitute did not obtain to pass the presidency, the fact is that it simply had plus a military blow and point.

The Supreme Advice of the Armed Forces, presided over for the old minister of the Defense, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi – the preferred one of Washington -, abolished the Constitution, dissolved the Parliament, promised to carry through elections of six months inside and removed to the force the last manifestants of the Tahrir Square. The Law of Emergency did not abolish and goes to govern by means of decrees. With this, the Armed Forces if had become still more powerful in Egypt, where the Army controls 30% of the GIP. What it comes for the front is true esfinge Egyptian to be deciphered, since ' ' democrata' ' Nobel of the Peace that fell of parachute in the Tahrir Square and if presents as the rescuer of the native land, Mohamed El-Baradei, has the support of the Muslim Brotherhood. (*) The author is military man of the reserve and ensasta. He lived two years in the Cairo, of 1990 the 92, and published EGYPT? A trip to the cradle of our civilization, Thesaurus, Brasilia, 1995. Some chapters of the book can be read in, in 4 parts.

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