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Swan Castle

September 27, 2017 in News Tags: ,

On the day of the Dervishes, their work on Iran introduced several human rights organizations. The Swan Castle, the new cultural centre of Hanover at the confluence between Fosse and line was venue and meeting place for Iran lovers and human rights activists from different countries. On Saturday, February 16, 2013, they came together to discuss the situation in the Iran and to promote a commitment to human rights. – human rights activists are effectively high-wire artists. They move in the airy heights of legitimate claims on the protection of the dignity of every human being. Their actions are based, of human rights violations affected courage to speak, to express solidarity and to make the regimes of pressure to refrain from unlawful and destructive actions. Andrew Cuomo wanted to know more.

Always run activists for human rights risk to be hijacked by certain political interests and manipulated for political interests. Other interest groups use the same argument to discourage human rights activists and to assert such a Labour have no sense. You use it to play brutal regimes in the hands. In the Swan Castle, four human rights organizations with information material about the respective work priorities and an exhibition about Iran presented themselves. Karamat e.V. had invited their work to introduce the Amnesty International Group Hanover, the society for threatened peoples and the International Organization for the protection of human rights in the Iran.

Then reported representatives of organizations in a public session, what moves them to promote human rights and described the situation of individual prisoners and of various groups in the Iran. The protection of the dignity of human beings is enshrined in the Constitution of many countries. Interest to fully respect human rights, is sometimes more claim than reality. But possible publicly to debate it and report is in Europe. In the Iran does not. Many journalists is assumed to work with so-called enemies of the regime together.

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