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Sales Profession

May 18, 2014 in News Tags:

How to make your time management sales professional objective of this seminar is to learn ways and instruments, to make the own sales work and the self organization in the professional life more efficient and structured. You will learn as part of this training, how the time thieves and fodder in a timely manner can identify, optimize your personal customer management and priorities in the task scheduler correctly. If you so want to get an understanding about, how you can optimize your individual self and time management in practice, then you are right here. At this point very much to my seminar “the time in the radar: self management in sales” most: Thursday, invite the 06 in the IHK Dortmund. The following topics are on the agenda for this day:?Principles and goals of time management in sales?Task management and priority setting?Daily structure and process with the help of A-L-P-E-N method?Visit and tour?Customer analysis and strategic customer development? Weekly / monthly and annual planning target agreement?Prevention of stress and time traps in the distribution practices?Identification of obstacles and problems of own time management?Tips & tricks for your personal time and task target group:?Professionals and executives in the fields of sales/business development (internal and field service) as well as in sales Middle positions cost:? 180 or 90 education cheque costs are payable after invoicing information about this seminar, including registration form you will find under: Seminar Description: registration form:… For more information about my person and other seminars see: html /… I would be glad to welcome you in the frame of the seminar. Best regards Dirk Raguse dirk raguse-training-coaching – consulting

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