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Royal Spanish Academy

January 10, 2014 in News Tags: , , , , , , ,

Before we talk about mantle let’s see how defines it the Royal Spanish Academy of language. Mantle is: garment of silk, lace, wool or other tissue, sometimes adorned with tulle or lace, that women wear to cover head and shoulders in festivities or solemn events. Since I talked about mantle in my articles on the clothing of the godmother according to the Protocol of wedding, I ahondare a little on the subject. In general the mantilla is currently used only for weddings and for the bullfighting festivals. Mantilla in a wedding it must be take into account some tips. If the wedding is during the day, we luciremos mantle, with short suit.

And if the wedding is in the evening, it will be only dressed with long suit. It should be always with one-piece swimsuits and long or French sleeve. Mantle must have the length suitable to every woman, not to exceed the length of the skirt. At the front, should arrive at the height of the hands, and behind, a little further down from the hip; Although this depends on where are the peaks Depending on how you place. One trick to avoid blowing and make a good subject with enough slack, is tilt your head to the left side, and hold the mantle of the right shoulder and the same with the opposite side. To show off mantilla, it is indispensable to accompany it with a good comb; the best are usually those of carey. But we must take into account the height of our companion (in case of having it) and our own. If we are petite, you can opt for a comb high, although they are more difficult to carry, and if we are high and long face, you can opt for a lower comb. In any case, have to adjust well to the collected and cover it properly, well balanced with mantle.

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