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November 2, 2013 in News Tags: , , , , ,

Among the famous Italian cities of Milan and Venice, a hidden and charming place is located the picturesque city of Vicenza. This jewel of the Mediterranean is a treasure for fans of art and culture, a dream come true for lovers of the kitchen and one of the most beautiful and romantic of the Earth destinations to book your ebooking. While there are many interesting facts about this Mediterranean country, read on to learn some fascinating trivia and facts about Vicenza, city of architecture and the asparagus. Interesting facts about Vicenza Vicenza is an economic and cultural centre between the different cities of Italy. Its industries include the textiles (cotton, wool, silk), steel, gold jewelry and others, ceramics, music equipment and computer parts. Agriculture and agricultural practices is also a key factor in the economy, with wine, wheat, olive oil as the main products. The number of industries and their exports, as well as the high employment rate, stand out to Vicenza as one of the richest cities in Italy.

It is the third largest in Italy industry Center. The rich and abundant traditional Italian food, of course, present in Vicenza, with a special touch Vicentini. Food typical Vicentini includes the vicentina baccala alla, dried cod cooked in sauce or cod and the risi bisi, risotto with peas Lumignano. The food is varied in ingredients, with equal dedication given to dishes of meat, fish and vegetables. The city of Vicenza has appeared in the following films of Hollywood Don Giovanni (1979) I dreamed of Africa (2000), starring Kim Basinger play Ripley (2001), starring John Malkovich, Ray Winstone the merchant of Venice (2004), starring Jeremy Irons and Pacino Casanova (2005), starring Heath Ledger some Vicentinis famous are: Vincenzo Scamozzi of the 15th century Italian architect Federico Faggin CEO and founder of ZilogRoberto Baggio designed first microprocessor famous footballer Giacomo Zanella poet and Italian priest data coming from Vicenza Vicenza pattern key reference points is the Virgin of Monte Berico or the Blessed Virgin.

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