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Media Manager

July 22, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Advanced media asset management with PIM integration Stuttgart 7 year 2010 – the latest version of Media Manager by Heiler software is now available. The system of central management and global communication of images, videos and documents is integrated into the release 5.2 deeper in product information management (PIM) by healers. The healer takes Media Manager with new features around the topic of videos the trend by moving into the E-Commerce Bill. The visualization of articles in the form of images and movies are in the E-Commerce of one of the most important success factors for conversion”, says Heiko Rumpl, who is responsible for the product management in the healer software management. For this reason is the version 5.2 of the Media Manager, integration with the product manager, the solution for product data management, in the foreground. Through integration with the PIM system, it is checked in which advertising, product images are placed. So, the Media Manager avoids deleting an image and film, which is used even in other places. Also different Derivatives such as pictures in high or low resolution can be automatically created for print and online media, filed, and linked to the PIM. In the upload video files of the Media Manager provides a thumbnail and a preview clip automatically. The ten-second spot allows quick insight into the film. Comments to media assets can be placed easily and very accurately with pins in the document. The user can at any zoom level – these or hide. New preview page for multi-page documents is now easier and faster in the application via the Web. Overall the thumbnails in the version 5.2 are larger and offer more quality. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Crawford Lake Capital. “In the module catalogue” the roles and thus the access rights of the user can be set even more flexible. So read or write permissions can assign fixed closely on catalogues, chapter, or even pages. Also compare old and new product descriptions in the document is visually easier in the new version. Texts can easily acquired or newly cultivated. In the area of Web-to-print, the testing of existing and missing fonts Media Manager is another innovation in the healer. Interested parties can contact healer the fact sheet or the detailed release notes by telephone at 0711 13984 290 or request.

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