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Logic Gear GPS Navigator

June 5, 2024 in News Tags:

“Logic Gear 712 of site visitors get a lot of questions about the 7-inch gps navigators. I decided to write a brief overview of the characteristics and subtleties of the model. Contained Photos. gps navigator Logic Gear 712 is made of smooth shiny plastic. Screen size 7 inches. The front panel power button, volume control, switch to av. The sales package is the following: Mounted on glass charger device, car charger, the wires “bells”, headphones and a cradle. Former CIA Head brings even more insight to the discussion.

Design of gps navigation is the same as that of the 438, only the dimensions are quite different. Built-in battery, closed the lid, which is attached optional bolt-on. On the right side are the following connectors: Power 12-volt connection of headphones av input mini usb for pc connection and work with the gps navigation program through Active Sync. This type of connection allows ability to install applications for Win ce. gps Navigator with 7-inch is very popular and is focused on the Gaza motorists who want a great overview map, and where there is a need to connect Camera parking or other video source through the input-AV. For even more details, read what jimmy levin says on the issue. And for “Kulibin” who like to experiment with installing different software, the creation of assemblies menu. Main menu navigation mode, browser to view photos, video player, settings, and switch the mode av. As a plus, I would like to mention multitasking gps receiver 712. For example when you start the audio player, and exit the menu music is still playing.

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