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Xavier Cano Tamayo

July 11, 2018 in News Tags:

Because, we clarify once and for all, the Centre does not exist, is unrealistic. A euphemism that the politicians are so amateur Professional as well as journalists and the like, people that frightens say things by their name. There are postures and actions right-wing or conservative and progressive or transformative postures. Of course, there are nuances in both positions, but the Center does not exist. In the huge shed media, which often responds poorly to reality, has been enshrined the word Centre as palabra-comodin, also synonymous of moderation, with the claim that this is what you want the most people more beyond their specific interests and personal goals, group or class.

And people, although this is not always so, seek to serve their interests, and perhaps something more than justice. We have seen many times in recent decades turns toward the Center, which are nothing other than conservative landslides toward positions in old Europe. And on numerous occasions who have starred in that rotation they have paid him with loss of votes. That happened recently to Mr Veltroni, leader of the constructive democratic party Italian (substitute the Party of the left), which has lost the elections against Berlusconi. Professional politicians who embody progressive proposals should understand once and for all the electoral mass is lazy, but not stupid, and for conservative positions prefer the Conservatives, who have more experience, and not a few newcomers. Mr Obama should perhaps drop in account that in United States, today is probably more important to resolve that over forty million Americans may have a free health service (are not) or that disappear as soon as possible the tent city, these populations formed by tents, where they have gone to stop those who have had to surrender their homes to banks by not being able to pay their assessed contributions. In any case, that very noticeable loss of electoral advantage after his conservative statements should do reflect very seriously to Barack Obama. Xavier Cano Tamayo journalist and writer original author and source of the article.

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