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World Bank Ukraine

July 25, 2017 in News Tags:

September 10 2008goda the World Bank published a report "Doing Business 2009". This is the sixth report in its compilation using data from June 2007 to June 2008, in preparing the study, participated 6700 Professional. Overall rating business conditions derived for 181 countries. Ranking of countries are calculated in a special method of assessment of key regulatory business environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (opening, building permit, the reception staff, registering property, getting credit, etc.) Here are some places in the overall global rankings on the ease of doing business: 1.Singapur (The first for the third time in a row) 2.Novaya Zealand 3.SSHA 4.Gonkong 5.Daniya 6. England 15.Gruziya 22.Estoniya 28.Litva 29.Latviya 33. Azerbaijan (with lift 97mesta, an absolute record) 68.Kyrgyzstan (rising from 99 seats) 85.Belarus (rising to 115 places) 86.Albaniya (rising from 135mesta) 120.Rossiya 133.Gonduras 145.Ukraina 181.Kongo rise to positions in this ranking very often coincides with a subsequent increase in prosperity of any country.

Significant progress in reforming the business activity in recent years have been in Georgia and Azerbaijan, where the reformed tax system. Data on this score are oriented investors investing in developing countries. In addition to Honduras, neighbors Russia and Ukraine rated countries such as Mozambique, Cape Verde, Madagascar, Suriname, Swaziland, Burkina – Faso, Senegal. According to this indicator as "construction permits" Ukraine and Rosiiya took 179 and 180 places in the world respectively (only worse Eritrea – 181 last place). This figure is said to be corrupt economy. Ukraine has a 180-last place in terms of "paying taxes" (the number of payments is the highest in the world – 99!). World Bank advises Russia and Ukraine in the first place to cut taxes and simplify tax procedures and modes of issuing licenses and permits for doing business.

At the present time have accumulated vast experience in reforms in the business, as Belarus has applied experience in the Netherlands, Azerbaijan and Latvia's experience. There are excellent opportunities for further sharing of experiences. Development of small and medium-sized enterprises – is the main factor raising the level of competition, economic growth and job creation in all countries. In Russia and Ukraine experts have repeatedly suggested various measures to improve the situation in small and medium business, we can only wait for the governments and parliaments of these countries on the reform declarations of intent will be transferred to real practical action. Yuri Chashin.

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