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Wolfgang Schwalm

August 13, 2016 in News Tags: ,

Human factor of the term human factor, human factor, is a collective term for psychological, cognitive and social factors in socio technical systems and human-machine systems. In contrast to the ergonomics and the classical work of science is focusing less on the physical and anthropometric characteristics. Man is often the factor”in the field of design, as well as at the interface between security issues and psychology said. This is plural, as human factors or human factors by many authors, used to emphasize the multi-dimensionality and complexity of psychological and social factors. While the mental and cognitive performances and abilities of people play a role, such as the performance and capacity limits. Because to the skills technical systems always develop, have the typical human skills such as cooperation, problem-solving (non technical skills), an increasing importance. The questions are: what human characteristics must be considered to optimally adjust a technical environment to the people, the tasks optimally to distribute responsibilities and accountabilities between man and machine, to allow a smooth interaction of the man-machine interface, to improve the consequences of technical and human errors decrease and the safety and effectiveness of the overall system of human-machine. Source / by…; Author The around 80% business consultancies with its mechanistic worldview focused on the 20% objective hard facts of a company and thus endanger them. Significantly, the 80% are but facts for any healthy company soft: informative customer-oriented external and clear internal communication on the basis of clear decisions! A prudent Strategy and the avoidance of hectic tactics should be just like you in the cockpit’s daily practice in the company! 2012 copyright by all rights reserved!

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