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Why Uruguay Is Better Than The Argentina For Sp

January 29, 2019 in News

Had already told them about my trip to Uruguay at the end of last year. The impression that I left this country is that Uruguay is in full growth and development. That could appreciate in the numerous buildings that were taking place and in commercial activity which operated at full. In the talks I had with Uruguayan citizens, is could also perceive the good humor by the situation in which its economy is. I still have the image that could be seen of large tracts of land sown from the air.

It is that the boom in agricultural commodity prices also feels in this country, a country that is struggling to develop and not rely only on the productive sectors of the moment. I must confess that it always intrigued me that existing idea that by their similarities with the Argentina Uruguay is as if it were one province. Even everything that is happening in the Argentina strongly impacts in the neighboring country and generates both benefits and problems in the Uruguayan economy. Since Uruguay today, they don’t much like the idea of that talk of similarities with Argentina. Economic policies undertaken by the Government of Tabare Vazquez seek to differentiate themselves from the course chosen by the Kirchners. And it is so bad not going you to Uruguay that differentiate themselves from the Argentina. The decision of the Rating Standard & Poor s improve the long-term debt rating Uruguayan called both local currency and foreign currency, placing it in BB-, above the Argentine debt rating is already public knowledge. The analyst of the Agency, Brioso Sebastian, justified such a decision saying: lower economic vulnerability of Uruguay and its commitment to sound macroeconomic policies support this improvement in qualifying. As you want to one see, these words may sound like a compliment to economic policies carried out by Uruguay or as a criticism of the policies implemented by countries as the Argentina.

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