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WELCOME – Maloaa Suliman Shows Afghan Art In Germany

July 1, 2018 in News Tags: ,

Suliman, one of the most important young contemporary artist linen from Afghanistan, shows first working in Germany. Suliman will reside with a Dutch scholarship two years in Europe, studying European art and socialize. Juan Petry, founder of EL-DRAC European art network and initiator of ARTSURPRISE.EU, supported the young contemporary art in Afghanistan and launches together with the curator Martina Hallmann from Cologne – Kabul art project – a joint venture with artists from Europe and Kabul and Khandahar. “There are young contemporary art in Afghanistan, we are well advised to pay attention to this art.” The dialogue with this region of central importance will be just for Europe. And culture and art are preparing the constructive dialogue (Juan Petry) EC “.” The art scene in Afghanistan is small and alive. Despite persecution and sanction, work more and more young artists free and look for connection to the international art scene. Suliman, woman, young, brave, going for years and already has recognition beyond the borders of Find out to Afghanistan.

She is staying with a Dutch scholarship two years in Europe, make contacts, and studying contemporary art. Juan Petry works closely with Suliman and other artists, organized art Exchange and dialogue with Martina Haddad of the Kabul project. The active in Europe concept artist Petry opened a new art space in Windeck at Siegburg and shows work by Suliman and other artists. Opening reception: 04.01.2014-18: 00 Vernissage: 04.01.2014-18: 00 venue: Gerresseener road 23, 51570 Windeck contact: Juan Petry Gerressener str. 21-23 51570 Windeck + 49 175 2468955 0049 175 2468955

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