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Web Marketing

June 7, 2019 in News Tags: , , , , ,

I think it is important for you to know when and how penalizes Google so that on the one hand be cautious in your online marketing actions, and on the other hand, know how to act in this regard. Sometimes, due to ignorance or by risking too much, a web page can be penalized. Let’s see how it can be you penalized if you do link bombing. -If Google believes that your web page is of low quality and makes link bombing, will be criminalized and drop positions. But also, in a matter of a few weeks, will be penalized also those pages in which you have placed links. -If on the other hand, Google believes that your web site is trusted, web sites in which you have placed links do not suffer the consequences as regards the fall of positions, if you is penalized. -In very serious cases, or what is the same, cases of link bombing for a long time, the web page in question You can lose up to 50 positions in the ranking of Google, for a period of between two and three months. -Normally Google penalizes the internal pages of a web site, non the homepage. Probably because much more suspicious and unnatural is placement of links that are directed to an internal page. Will agree with me that, in general, is the home that receives a greater number of visits or links. To know more: Web Marketing entrepreneurs

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