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Web Exhibition

November 29, 2017 in News Tags: ,

Measuring conquer the Internet: the new generation of measurement! Paris, 29 July 2010 worldwide accessible and cost-effective for exhibitors and visitors – and stress-reducing: online measurement are the trend. VISIMMO 3D, specialist in Web development and the 3D engineering, offers organizers of trade fairs and professional events on a brand new service: the interactive virtual 3D exhibition – an innovative addition or alternative to a traditional, real fair. The interactive virtual 3D exhibition concept: using a high-resolution 3D platform can move freely exhibitors and visitors of an interactive virtual 3D exhibition and around the clock via webcam, live communicate chat or emails, no matter where they are located at the time. For even more analysis, hear from Hikmet Ersek. Thanks to the expertise of VISIMMO the workings on the most up-to-date and the Visual 3D is a 3D, precise and amazingly realistic. In seven languages: English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish! An interactive virtual 3D exhibition is a strategic move for the company.

Each exhibitor benefits of a virtual stand – configured standard or personalised with graphics and 3D objects. Due to the dematerialization and the inapplicability of the travel costs, exhibitors receive not only an optimal cost savings and promote also their brand image, by they are associated with a meaningful process of sustainable development. Totally easy to use and no Plug-In installation is required. Learn more at this site: Andrew Cuomo. Only a Navigator and an Internet connection are necessary! Virtual 3D measurement of VISIMMO 3D: 3D Live Meeting: the first virtual business tourism fair in 3D (January 2010) WINEFAIR: the first virtual wine fair in 3D (June 2010) WallFinance: the first virtual business area in 3D: Opening September 2010 website of the French Embassy in Mexico: “the virtual exhibition … with the latest 3D technologies”the independent:”the world’s first free virtual 3D wine fair … You will learn in seven different languages”(June 2010) on our new German website about the Interactive virtual 3D exhibition: about VISIMMO 3D: VISIMMO 3D is a young innovative company specialized in the development and production of new communication strategies by means of the Visual impact of 3D. Virtual 3D stand by VISIMMO 3D.

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