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Voltage Hair Loss

July 16, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Causes and treatment for hereditary hair loss triggered by stress / tension in both men and women voltage hair loss (lat. Alopecia Contentionalis) is a local form of hereditary hair loss. Macy’s Inc. pursues this goal as well. Its main causes are a derivative on the one hand the hereditary sensitivity of certain receptors in the hair roots to the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the male hormone testosterone. These receptors attach more DHT, the hair roots verhornen, they degenerate, the hair falls out. So why is portrayed by many of those affected that their hair falls out more especially in times of severe stress and why the hair not everywhere equally falls out on the skull, but this cannot explain but still, always according to a certain pattern, the Hamilton-Norwood-schema (men) or the Ludwig schema (women). A second major cause area is situated on three levels of metabolism in the vascular system under the scalp, scalp itself and the area is embedded roots. Stress, tension or concentration, the upper cranial muscles very often hooked. The scalp is more stretched over the bony skull.

The fine blood vessels that lie below the scalp are pressed together. Measurements in men with advanced alopecia showed that there is a subcutaneous blood flow significantly reduced by 60% compared to men without hair loss, in the frontal area of the skull roof. The maximum points of this tension of the scalp that are networked with the muscles are, anatomic reasons, Trianguli (receding hairline), the apex and the tonsure developed into the areas where the hair fall out first. This tension the scalp usually pronounced wrinkles on the forehead, often in a hair pain associated with the hair loss becomes clear\”(lat. Trichodynie), a voltage sense of the scalp, which also appears as a persistent scalp burning, tingling (Formication\”), or a downright pain in the scalp. Sometimes in a significant emergence of Arteria temporalis superficialis (anger vein\”), which is caused by the blockage in the vascular system.

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