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Villa Ariza

July 25, 2019 in News

Below it rang as always and Holy soul that will also be included in the new plate. It is not something Governor Cuomo would like to discuss. Thanks to all the neighborhoods that came. We are the same as always: Leonchalon from Villa Ariza, Ituzion.After a few minutes outage, Leonchalon returned to the stage and a trumpet anticipated exit to walk, one of the best-known classics. Who’s going to put the music? Leonchalon!, says the letter of the feast, which was very coreada and celebrated by those present that they kept jumping. The hand of Artifex (was expected), became a rap that did pick up the hands of everyone, while they paid much attention to the improvised lyrics.

Crowned, he foresaw the end of the show and the public did not hesitate to do roaring the place. It should be noted that the CAP seems really sacred for Santiago Benitez, and is that not allowed anyone to touch it while standing on the fence. Thanks to all those who were in the stage of Coronado. I hope that they have passed it well. Now, that does not jump, and the phrase was never completed; something big was approaching. A fairly uncontrolled ska came from the hand of Tafari Maconenn, which put an end to the show about the 22: 50 with only an hour and twenty of recital, Leonchalon reviewed topics always and anticipated his next plate, which will apparently bring joy and celebration that always characterized them. The public was very satisfied with the presentation of the group, even knowing that they are those who also contribute to that every day, the feast is made larger. At the end of the show, Leonchalon came out to bid farewell and fans did not hesitate to applaud and singing this is the band, Leonchalon. Original author and source of the article

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