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June 30, 2016 in News Tags: , , ,

Reinventing is one of my favorite words is reinventing itself. Tomorrow I’m invited to a panel at the University of South Florida to talk about the power of Vision and specifically reinvent itself. I arrived 11 years ago in this country, not with the idea of staying, only of being one year and my children to learn a language by twist of fate, I stayed and had to reinvent. I decided to start a business, something that I had never done in my life, but that I liked, was akin to what I know to do and that he had found that there was a need. With my wife, we decided to start a magazine.

We look at the Hispanic market in the area where we lived, we saw the competition and we knew that there was an opportunity. Without capital, with normal knowledge and my training listening to audiobooks for the library, reading magazines, I was learning the business and the management of a company. ource. We started our business and quickly the magazine was becoming the number one area, shortly after publication, we had our first employee, then the second and so we had to take out my room and our home business. Two years after this small undertaking started its second product, a newspaper. Billing that had started barely covering costs, ended the first year with a little more than 32,000 dollars and 1 million had been reached in less than three years. During these 10 years we have won awards for business of the year in different cities, I’ve been named entrepreneur of the year and one of five visionaries of United States. And our publications has been recognized many times for their editorial quality. What did I different people that had begun a journal same and began that then? I think the big difference is that I analyzed the market, I spoke with people to create a product that was for them and not for me.

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