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United Nations

February 10, 2019 in News Tags:

is progress without Capitalism and no industrialismo at any cost, as if there was a conspiracy of this sinister group to sink to the planet with its poor men and to be saved they and only they, unique that deserves to live, rich all of them. The G-8 is member complete of the other enlarged group, the G-20. He is everywhere, omnipresent, four of them are member of the five with right to I veto in the Security Council of the United Nations, to mention the most serious, that is to say, his power to decide on the destinies of others. It can east be able politico-economic to contemplate the corpse of the planetary ruin in advance in front of his own noses and not to react neither humanistic nor humanitarian, what if outside the death squad that the Earth needs finally to look itself like Mars, following with the anecdote of the President of Venezuela. All ingredient of tantico liquefied his owns a long file of history in the planet. If it is by the industrialismo, dgase that it is expression of that fundamental principle that characterizes to the western culture: imperialism: it is arrived at the development, the hegemony, the fullness of dominion of the man by the man through development at the cost of the withering of the natural resources, considering whenever a powerful empire has to show, correlatively, the most powerful arms, nuclear, to speak more in particular. If it is by the point of the arms, like caracterizador element of this political power that puts its sand grain to end the human civilization? it will be said? , you know who the USA, model emblem of the able political right of everything to maintain his superiorities, there were dew to Iraq with the fragmented equivalent to two nuclear devices like the sent one in Hiroshima in 1945, according to the military technicians. .

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