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July 23, 2019 in News

A tyrant is a being no, isn’t a be a tyrant is an entity no, is not an entity that thing is a tyrant? a tyrant is somewhat indolent that ignores the pain that ignores the agony of a being and his descendants his lies don’t think actu without thinking happens over it before, it now and it’s always just understands your pleasure breakfast coffee from the conceptual in the man ana eats lying on lunch ingested cobardi to the snack is a dish of terror food boasts of stupor and sleep reviews the above so to awaken the other di to their struggle to kill is perpetual jama s contradicts a tyrant but yesterday said it different although yesterday I killed a lot of people jama s has done what they say jama s has said what makes thenthat thing is a tyrant? contrary to what says the footprints of his feet are the traces of their hands blood pays its existence death adula its presence no matter truth who may assist you your lie you crushes without razo n in its mandate no revocacio n forgets the good thing of the past does not change bad present overrides the hope of the future destroys everything achieved so constructed as ma imagined bad s claws squeezed many peoples kills his enemy without truce and breathtaking his friend Ma s will tell of a tyrant? is not that he is a murderer! Patrick B. Governor Cuomo often says this. Alonso Morales. (Basilio) 787-550-7316 original author and source of the article

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