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Two Radio Transmitters

August 23, 2019 in News Tags: ,

In our time information is of tremendous value. To know more about this subject visit James Reinhart. To obtain unique information in business, security, and in any real wars sometimes break out, and sometimes with bloodshed. James Reinhart may also support this cause. In this regard, a huge role, issues not only protect against eavesdropping and covert surveillance, but competent and themes covert eavesdropping. CCTV still will not touch, but the wiretapping devices on the black market represented quite a few and then buy them and can anyone price by the way, do not bite. In one of his articles, I can even tell just essays, we rasmotreli one of our kits, consisting of a miniature radio transmitter MR04 and a special receiver to it SPR7. Today I would like to introduce you to another set of listening devices. Set SPR3, consisting of a special receiver and two-radio devices – bugs and MR01 Owl. Consider each of the bugs: Mikroradioperedatchik MR01 – micro bug with the size of wiretapping 2h2sm, powered by batteries – tablets CR2032 (3V).

Because of its super small size radio scutes can be hidden anywhere – in any household items, or anywhere in the room. Once the battery is inserted into the device immediately begins to transmit acoustic information over the air. Transmission distance is not due to a very powerful element supply about 350 meters. Radio scutes owl – is designed as a cap on the crown of the battery, 9V powered, this range rises to 3,000 meters. But then again, as for other devices wiretapping should be considered that the range indicated by line of sight, but as a device to behave in any particular case – the question relative – sometimes the transmission distance can be reduced – it all depends on the material walls of the room, from the radio background areas. As well as the transmitter MR01 owl begins to work immediately after installation of the batteries.

To increase the transmission range of the transmitter and MR01 and micro radiozhuchke owl is recommended to straighten the antenna. As for the receiver, it is all quite simple, just send it to the range of 2-5 and scan the TV frequency band. Transmission frequencies of the order 140MGts. Once the signal is caught, there is a whistle in the receiver – high tone – all okay – it's there is a positive feedback. That would exclude her enough to leave out. Thus, the kit is good because you get just two of the transmitter, adapted in size and power for different tasks. No additional configuration is required, the only place we would recommend that radio bugs as possible above the ground and try to do it in a direct line of sight from the receiver (eg, window sill). Meet with a set of Miniature wireless microphone MC-1 Microphone with increased range and sensitivity of Owl-1 and detention center for them SPM-3 can be in our store

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