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Traveling With Netbooks

September 14, 2019 in News Tags: ,

Netbooks fly. The most tedious in any journey is a road. Whether it's a train, car or plane. The road can take up a lot, and sometimes a very long time. Depending on where you are going, any time you can spend looking at a picture of the window. But then it becomes boring.

It is at such moments have the support of the netbook. Small, lightweight – you get it out of your bag or backpack, turn and dive into a world where location does not matter. In the simplest case, you will get to watch your favorite movie. And if you're flying from Moscow, say, New York, and you have plenty of time, you can safely choose options for hanging out – the netbook will watch a movie, read books, play games, and if suddenly your notebook is equipped with a wireless adapter, mobile Internet, and you did not notice that on the road. Behold the clouds through the porthole and keep in touch with friends in a favorite social network. Netbook everywhere. Once away from home – whether it be from someone at a party or in a hotel, in a hut somewhere in the forest or in a tent on the banks of the Limpopo – of course, let your eyes relax and forget for a while about a netbook. But anyway, we live in the 21st century, century technology, and ubiquitous communications.

Therefore, to communicate only with crocodiles around the clock – this is not the right move. And if you're not a programmer, who decided to hide from the computer to desert island, keep in mind – check email, find out if you have not written anything close friends in a social network, play in the evening shahmatishki with someone who are on the next continent. Netbook – Information Partner rest. One of the main functions of the notebook in the age of the socialization of all things – this is an opportunity to share interesting news, photos and video. Friends will squeal with delight if they could more or less to receive reports on your vacation. Suppose now crocodile crawled to your tent and looked inside … suddenly sped away, fearing camera flash. Beautiful shot – show him around the world. And if you happened to make a video – so You can become a star of the Internet and video will look millions. Yes, and then you can safely take the camera to find that a crocodile and make series – the popularity of secured! But all this is impossible, if before you leave, you forget buy a netbook. After all, it will store your photos and movies. That he will post them on the Internet and is using the notebook you will be able to participate in endless discussions of your achievements. Netbook – a new format work. Your job does not require a permanent presence in the office and your dream to work while on the Pacific coast? There is a simple solution. First, you must buy a ticket in any town on the Pacific coast, and secondly, need to buy a netbook. So, you carry all the working materials in a roomy hard drive notebook, do not forget to make sure that all his colleagues found, for example, Skype and go to distant lands. Frank Armijo is actively involved in the matter. That's it. You notebook and the ocean. Expect to be commended for striking results from his superiors. And it will actually be much more fruitful than the 20-floor office building in downtown Moscow.

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